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Kanevas is a Quebec brand that is revolutionizing the handbag industry thanks to our ability to design custom products. It all started with a simple idea: finding the perfect handbag. Kanevas was founded on the premise of this ever-elusive quest. Our success resides not only on our product quality but also how we treat each of our customers as unique. We hope you have as much fun using your Kanevas handbags we did making them.

We believe that everyone is unique. That is why we are focused on creating a world in which all people can express their distinct personalities and shop for handbags based on their values.

Mylène Cusson et Marie-Hélène David - cofondatrices

designed according to your personality and values

You’re unique. Your handbag should be too.

When you order a customized handbag at Kanevas, you will enjoy a product that is handmade and designed specifically for your needs and style. When you wear a Kanevas, you proudly show off to the world your personality and values.


handmade with an unprecedented attention to deta

We believe in the importance of the people who help to make your handbags.

Kanevas works with the very best teams from around the world. We work with studios that guarantee humane and equal rights for all of their employees. Kanevas regularly visits and audits its production studios, located in Mexico and Asia. We also closely collaborate with our studio partners, maintaining open and continuous communications with the very people who make your handbags. 

Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with our partners and to allow local communities to thrive in healthy living and working conditions.


Our commitment to the planet

We believe people should buy less—but better.

By choosing a Kanevas handbag, you will help to reduce the tremendous waste caused by the fashion industry, because only handbags that are sold are actually made.



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